Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Celebrating August!


Hey everyone! Can you believe we're in August?! I love going into a new month. It's so exciting!! It's like each month is a holiday and it needs to be celebrated. In August there are a lot of fruits out on the trees and bushes. Sunflowers are out and the birds are munching on their seeds. My mom saw a goldfinch eating the seeds from her purple cone flowers. I'm jealous that I missed it! I love paying attention to nature throughout the year. I love watching out for all the little changes that could otherwise be missed. 
I even designed my own calendar page for August to help me plan out what I need to do to the blog this month. It's one of my favorite activities to celebrate the coming month. Do you celebrate the months? 



  1. Just checking out you blog for the first time. Cant believe its August already! Yikes means Summer is nearing an end! 😔

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I know, this summer is flying by! I'm making sure to take advantage of the nice weather before it goes away!