Monday, July 3, 2017

3 New listings on my Etsy shop!

Hey every one! I added 3 new listings to my Etsy shop today!!! And I've made 2 sales already! They're people I already know which is awesome because I think I would be so nervous about messing something up if it was a stranger! So thank you my darlings (you know who you are) for for being my first customers! You will be receiving some extras for being my first customers. 

This first one is called Chickadee Social. I love this one so much!! I am planning on doing more with this print. So look out for note cards and maybe more sizes of this one.

Garden Tea Party is so fun! I love having tea with friends and family. This one was inspired by visits to my mom's house. We always have tea and treats together in her sun room or the living room overlooking her flowers in the front yard. There are always plants around in the house and I always feeling like I'm having tea in the garden.

Moses and Marmalade is inspired by my sister's kitty Moses who has made friends with a neighborhood cat that they call Marmalade. I wonder what they talk about when they sit together. Any ideas?

I hope that you see something here that you like and that you check out my shop! I would also love it if you sent along any friends or family that you think would like my art to my shop too.

Oh and Autumn says hi!

💗 🐾


  1. U got 2 sales already? Wow. Idk how to even start a business there

    1. Mahiko Maru, my first 2 sales were from people that I know (friend and my sister). I still have work to do to convince strangers to buy from me! Are you thinking about setting up an Etsy shop? I'd love to hear about it and give you encouragement to get it set up. A lot of the hard work is in the marketing. I'm still trying to figure out the right methods to get myself out in the world. <3