Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Art Journal Play

Hey guys! As you know from my last post, self care is important to me. There are so many ways to take care of yourself and I find that just playing with my art supplies is one way I can do that. I have so much fun with it that I lose track of time. I find myself in a state of flow. 

Today I decided to use some of my artwork from my daily creative challenges. I'm always doing my own ICAD (index card a day) challenges so I have tons of decorated index cards everywhere. Why not use all of that art hanging around in your art journal spreads? Using magazines for collage is fun too but I think it makes the pages even more special when you can use your own artwork!

This page is from an art journal that I made myself. I had already painted and added some magazine collage and some wrapping paper on a different day. Today I wanted to try to add my own stuff.

I actually decided to make an envelop with two cards from 2 different ICAD challenges. I taped them shut on the top and bottom and at one end leaving one end open. I then adhered the envelop to my page from the bottom so that I could flip it up and down so that you could see both images.

Inside the envelop I put this little guy. Do you remember him from a few months ago on my Instagram account?

It's the jaguar I drew after visiting the zoo in May!

On the other side I decided to draw this silly little scene of a kitty trying to steal some treats from a tea party.

I hope that this inspired you to play in your art journal if you have one. Maybe it inspired you to start your own daily creative practice. Remember that everyone can draw. There's no wrong way to be creative. Do what makes you happy. Just have fun with it! 

Oh I shared a little video on my Instagram (@susannefyfe) account showing how my little envelop is stuck onto the page. Go check it out and feel free to follow me!



  1. I like to keep my journal in Fauxbonichi way bcoz I'm still a noob in painting :) I like your journal though :3

    1. That's great! Use what ever way works for you. There's no wrong way to do it. What kind of a notebook are you using? I've tried doing my own fauxbonichi using a day per page planner from Target. I think I started it in 2014 and just had a hard time keeping up with it. From time to time I'll do it for a few days maybe a week. It's the process of it that I enjoy. When I've had enough I'll shelve it until I'm in the mood to use it again. I find that working on a page a little bit at a time over the course of a few days works best for me. Or just having a collage session where I just add little bits of things to multiple pages in my journal. I hope you keep up with it. Having your own creative practice is so beneficial. A reminder to just play. Thanks for the compliment on my journal, I'd love to see yours someday too if you're comfortable with sharing! <3

    2. I just realized you are Mahiko Maru on IG and you commented on another post with that name. I got so confused! I think you're artwork is great! I would love to see more of your fauxbonichi pages because your little characters are so adorable!

  2. Yea, because the first comment I thought it didn't go through. Lol.

    My journal is just ordinary squared-line notebook. I'd like to get the Hobonichi journal but it is the book itself plus the shipping is too pricy so i declined to purchase it. I just stick to the book that I'm using. It's already good enough and I love it :)