Sunday, July 23, 2017

My Love of Calendars

Hey guys! Calendars make me so happy. Ever since I was little I've gotten a wall calendar every year for Christmas. It kind of became a tradition for my mom to give me one every year. I still get excited about turning the page for the new month. Not just to see the new image/artwork but also because it's a new month! I love celebrating new months. 

Recently I've been having fun drawing out my own monthly calendar pages. I haven't been doing it every month but when I do it it's so much fun. It helps me to think about what's coming up for the month and what I want to accomplish too. It makes me think about birthdays which I'm terrible at remembering!

Do you like paper planning or digital planning? I could never get digital planning to work for me. Physically writing things down is the way to get things to stick for me. It makes it more fun too because then I can add doodles!


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